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What grade and reading levels do you work with?

We primarily work with kids in the grades 3-8 range, but we do work with kids as young as pre-K, and up to college-level as well. We have experience with kids with learning differences, especially ADHD (though we are not experts in developmental difficulties!) As far as reading level, we meet each student where they are, and help them focus in on areas of improvement.

What is your teaching philosophy?

We believe that kids have great capacity for creativity and nurturing that creativity has tremendous academic and personal benefits. Sometimes, what a student needs most is to feel seen and encouraged in their creative work. Wherever they are in terms of technical skill is a starting point. we come from a place of non-judgement to help each student grow towards confidence and mastery.

How do the online sessions work?

All sessions are conducted on Google Meet, which has a robust platform for education. The sessions will be fully interactive -- the next best thing to being in person.

How many students are in each workshop?

All writing workshops are capped at 10 students to allow for individual attention and student interaction. Students will have the opportunity to share work with, and learn from and with, peers from around the country.

Why are creative programs important?

Programs that focus on creativity allow students to access their imagination, develop problem-solving skills, and deepen their understanding of the world around them. These skills are essential to their development as both students and people, and the arts provides the necessary tools in a way that no other discipline does!

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