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Programs & Tutoring For Kids Who Create

Beyond Tutoring

MYC Kids is more than a tutoring service. It's a community that prioritizes the creative development of today's students, so that they may grow into dynamic, thoughtful adults.


Arts education is essential to that aim. MYC Kids tailors all sessions to your student's needs, so that they may become the best versions of themselves.

Meet Your New Tutor

Stephanie Vance, MYC Kids founder & instructor.  Writer, spoken word poet, mental health advocate.

Stephanie Vance, founder & instructor.

Writer, spoken word poet, mental health advocate.

The MYC Kids Mission

The Make Yourself Collective and MYC Kids put arts education first,

with the belief that anyone can be an artist, and a strong foundation in the arts

benefits everyone, young and not-so-young, in countless ways.


We encourage each student to delve into their imagination, unlocking passion and creativity,

and we teach the necessary skills to effectively express that creative energy.

MYC Kids is designed to nurture this energy by meeting students where they are

and challenging them to keep advancing, honing, exploring.

Whether in reading, writing, or movement, enrichment or catching up,

all of our programs are tailored to suit each student's or group's needs.

Students can expect a safe environment to learn new skills and sharpen existing ones.

They will gain confidence in their abilities and renewed excitement for the work.

If a student only walks away with one message, we want it to be this:

Embrace your creative spirit.

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Introductory Packages for New Students:

3 One-Hour Private Sessions: $150

6-Week Writing Workshop: $225

Reading and Writing Bundle:

20% off Two 10-pack Sessions


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What Our Clients Say

Jessica, mother of 3rd grade creative writing student

She thinks you're great, and for the first time, going to tutoring and writing aren't like pulling teeth. Thank you so much for that.

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